Why should I allocate budget to SRP Research?

Here are five very good reasons as to why cutting spend on market research is a bad idea:

1 Market research can help alleviate uncertainty. Our Annual Reviews highlight key challenges and opportunities based on an in-depth survey completed by market respondents, covering consumer demand, pricing, past trends in sales and regulatory/fiscal development.

2 The current challenging financial environment will eventually improve – your success thereafter will depend on how well you have researched, planned, identified and invested in growth plans for the future.

3 Your domestic market may be suffering, but are you exploiting growth overseas? Our Annual Reviews & Market Outlooks include dedicated chapter coverage of individual countries within regions that have not been significantly impacted by the Eurozone crisis (e.g. Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, South Korea).

4 Knowledge on how clients are redefining value and repositioning their propositions is crucial – are you adapting your offering to respond to these changes? Our Americas and European Investment Banking Reports deliver analysis of competitive positions for around 20 major investment banks in absolute terms and relative to the market for: price competitiveness, understanding client needs, structuring and innovation capability, and after-sales support plus market shares by country alongside a description of the 'perfect' investment banking proposition. Our Annual Reviews feature rankings for the best selling products and most active providers.

5 Like it or not, regulation and competition will impact your business – are you clued up on the regulatory developments and the competitive landscape? Both our Americas and European Investment Banking Reports and Annual Reviews provide coverage of both of these.

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